cRio slot 4 programming

My team has the 8-Slot cRio and we are planning on using a second Pneumatics Bumper module in the fourth slot. The only problem is that i just cannot get it to work. In java when it asks for the module number i put “4” and for the channel i put “1”. Whenever i run this it get errors and the code does not run. How do i solve this problem?

The 4th Slot of an 8-slot cRIO is not used.
You need to put the second Solenoid Module in slot 7.
In Java, the second Solenoid Module is referenced as “2”, not by the physical slot it is in.

  • Slot 1 - Analog module (required)
  • Slot 2 - Digital module (required)
  • Slot 3 - Solenoid module
  • Slot 4 - unused
  • Slot 5 - Analog module
  • Slot 6 - Digital module
  • Slot 7 - Solenoid module
    *]Slot 8 - unused

Thanks! I’ll try that out. By the way where did you get this information from?

It’s from: Wiring the 2013 FRC Control System](

However, beware the column headers are switched.
It has cRIO FRC II then cRIO FRC, but the column underneath each one is really the listing for the other cRIO hardware version.