cRIO Slots

Our team has been able to deploy code to the cRIO and many times before we have been able to run the code without any problems. However, recently we have not gotten any response from the relays and digital inputs. We looked at slot 4 and there was a bent pin. We tried to fix it but we still didn’t get any response, so we were wondering if it was possible for us to use slot 6 rather than slot 4. Is that possible, or are we going to have problems at the competition?

<R59> ROBOTS shall use the diagnostic Robot Signal Light provided in the KOP. It must be mounted on the ROBOT such that it is easily visible while standing three feet in front of the ROBOT in the NORMAL CONFIGURATION. The team has no direct control over the light and no programming is required.details). These terminals provide power and control for the light.

B. The Digitial Sidecar must be connected to a NI 9403 module in Slot 4 of the cRIO-FRC. If it is connected through any other slot, the light will not function properly.
As you can see, you have no choice. If you can not straighten the pin, you will need to send the cRIO back for repair.