cRIO smoke

Last night we made our leads longer for the battery and got the positive and negitive switch :ahh: (don’t ask how). When our robot was turned on we saw smoke come from the cRIO. It was on for a second or two but then it was turned off. After the mistake was corrected and power turned back on the cRIO worked. Has this happen to anyone? Should we be concerned of the cRIO failing? Any advice or info or who to ask at NI will help.

Anytime you release ‘magic smoke’ you ought to be very leary about the future performance of the device. Good judgement would be to replace it and keep it as a spare if it’s still functional.

You sure it was the cRIO smoking? I would think that the boost/buck circuit in the PD board to bump the 12V from the battery to 24V for the cRIO wouldn’t work properly in reverse, though I could be wrong.

What color is your Analog Breakout, red or blue? Does the green power LED on it still work? If you applied 12 volts in reverse to a red (2009) Analog Breakout board, for even a second, you almost certainly fried it. The blue one from the 2010 Kit of Parts is protected and should survive.

The red Analog Breakout is where the smoke came from when we reversed our battery leads this week…

Heh. we toasted a 2k9 analog breakout too… student wired the cable into the wago backwards. replaced with 2010 breakout after fixing the wiring, all is well. No smoke from ours though.

DingDingDing! Alan wins the thread!

Swapping the battery leads will likely destroy the following:
2009 Analog Breakout

I agree with the others here,
during inspection at BMR last year, one of our electricians (not me!) accidently hooked the battery leads backwards to the PDB putting voltage backwards through the whole system, Surprisingly, only the analog breakout fried! the cRio is stilll functioning like a charm, didnt even fry the cRio module. if the LED on the analog breakout is not lit, then its done for. check the IC on the top right hand corner, thats where most of them tend to fry!

The smoke came from the module that the sidecar is plugged into. Our anolog breakouts are blue and LED’s are lit.