cRio Software

So I know that not a huge amount of teams have robots with cRios but anyways, Our team only has the Driver station for cRio robots on a windows 7 laptop. To get some of the other older robots running we would need to compile and flash code to them but we don’t have the software to do it. SO this is a call to all other teams or internet peoples to find the software to be able to compile and flash code to the robots so other people can also use this if they have older robots that they want

C++ only (pretty sure), must use eclipse.

I dont know of any java equivalent.

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Thanks for that I’ll try it at a meeting sometime

The old cRio resources are on this page, check the bottom.

Download the 2014 NI Software for FRC

Download the 2014 Update Suite


The 2014 Screenstepslive are archive and have instructions to install the outdated Netbeans. I just did this the past summer for a parade robot the team has.

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