cRio Stand-alone Image Tool

I posted this over at the official FRC forums, but I thought across-post here might get more attention.

I am trying to collect all the necessary software downloads and documentation to finish off the cRIO setup to get it as ready for the season as we can because we do not have internet access in our shop.

There is one piece of software that seems like it is missing. There is a stand-alone tool for imaging the cRIO, correct? My team plans on programming in C++ so I don’t really want to install Labview in order to image the cRIO.

It seems like there should be a link to the Image Updater on this page where it says “Download: (88mb)” but there is no link there.

Just use the LV update, it should install the imaging tool even though you don’t have labview.

It installs the imaging tool, but the tool installed appears to need Labview to run.

Im having this problem too, it asks for a bunch of different labview files.