cRIO Startup code corrupts on boot, reformatting doesn't help.

This week we have been having trouble with the cRIO in two different ways. First of all, the cRIO somehow managed to set itself to get an address via DHCP, and though multiple reformats didn’t help, we were able to fix this with the MAX Measurement and Automation Explorer, but now when we try to boot the cRIO with deployed code, the robot reboots a couple of times, and then the status light blinks four times every second. MAX says that the error is that the cRIO had rebooted to many times and had been put into safe mode because of a corrupt startup program, but the code looks fine in Labview, and when we load the default code from a new project, the same thing happens. Is it possible that more than the TCP/IP settings got changed in the cRIO?

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Saw your post and know how frustrating it can be to wait for an answer and so wanted to help so I went searching for you. I found this post in the FIRST forums. This has the contact information for National Instruments. I would get in touch with them ASAP to try and figure out what’s going on…

Good Luck!

Please check that all the DIP switches on the cRIO are in the OFF position.
(page 12 of the cRIO-FRC operating instructions)
It may not be the case, but it’s the only thing I could think of other than the cRIO having a manufacturing flaw.

Thank you guys! You are both alot of help!
I will make a new post on the LabView forums and hopefully post an answer shortly!

Thanks again for the help! We contacted NI and found out that we needed to use MAX instead of the imaging tool AND that the cRIO had to be in safe mode first, along with the fact a new update had been released.

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