cRIO startup problems

When we start the cRIO, it takes 10 minutes (plus or minus 1 minute) before it responds to our computer’s ping requests. However, if we connect to the cRIO netconsole and try to ping back to the computer, the cRIO suddenly starts to respond to our ping requests.

We’re using Java and the Black Jaguars.

Things we’ve tried and didn’t help:
Update our software
Reflash our cRIO
Reformatted the cRIO
Cleaned our cRIO with compressed air


Check your D-Link router. Make sure it isn’t set to Auto mode. Keep the switch in AP mode (until instructed otherwise at a competition event).

Also read this thread about a similar if not identical problem.

Yep, turns out we were in bridge mode. It worked fine once we changed it to AP. Thanks.