cRIO Taking To Long To Respond

So here is the problem. On the Driver Station on the left side where you would see the voltage and stuff, we are not getting a robot com green light. But in the Diagnostics section of the Driver Station it says we have Coms with the robot. Also I was able to pick up the cRIO in the Imaging tool and reimage it. And again connecting to cRIO from LabVIEW was fine and dandy. I was able to upload the code to the cRIO but I had lots of messages saying “Waiting for response from Real Time Target (cRIPO)” or something close to that. It took probably 3 times longer then normally. We do use the Classmate to upload the code and do all of the driver stuff. So being that the laptop was from last year, I reimaged that as well. I’m not sure what is going on. Someone please help us!


First things first, did you get the 5.1 LabVIEW update from FIRST? This update was released not too long ago, and it fixes the “Waiting for cRIO to Respond” bug.

Hmmm we have been having the same issue. We updated to 5.1, but it still takes something like 10 minute to run the code because of the Waiting for cRIO to respond messages…

I don’t have enough information to help. You may want to contact NI support. Or post again with more information about when this occurs and if it succeeds.

Greg McKaskle

We’re seeing this same issue, but in a more limited sense.

When we go to deploy code the 1st time, it takes the normal extended period of time. Subsequent deploys, which usually go very quick, now stop just before they reach the end and a ‘waiting for cRIO’ message appears. Usually, waiting 10 to 15 seconds results in the download completing. This never happens on the same VI or file, and we double checked the default code. This is happening across 4 cRIO’s and 3 computers.

We are directly linked from the computer to the cRIO. It is a real error message - I have pinged the cRIO through this period and the pings are not returned while the ‘Waiting’ message appears.

We are seeing the same thing here. Usually the last 3-5 VI’s to download to the controller take much longer than the rest of them. Between them, the “waiting” message can be seen.

I don’t normally see this, but perhaps your programmers are prolific. If you want to share your project, PM me and I can look at it a bit.

As you probably know, the Waiting dialog is really just a heartbeat notification. It is actually changeable in the Target Properties.

Greg McKaskle

Greg - should loss of the heartbeat stop the download temporarily? None of our VI’s are particularly large.

I have seen operations like loading a complex or large VI cause the dialog. In particular, the VIs load from bottom to top, and as the top VIs come into memory, I’ve seen them take the longest.

Greg McKaskle

I loaded the code on to another laptop and uploaded it to cRIO and we had no problem at all. We were spinning up motors and servos and everything was fine. I have LabVIEW on the classmate fully up to date. I will probably image the Classmate to last years image and reload labview. I will post my results when I get the chance.