cRIO Timeout

When we run any code on the cRIO it always comes up with a watchdog error. The code still runs but every 1.5 to 2 seconds the light will blink. The drivers station says "Watchdog Expiration: System X, User Y. X and Y both represent numbers.

Anyone know what the problem is?

The watchdog error is due to a bug when switching between the different tabs on the driver station. You will probably have better luck if you run a search on the error next time before posting. A search for watchdog expiration results in multiple results:

The watchdog times out even when not switching tabs. Even on the old drivers station we still have issues.

We are using LabView to program and on the new driver station (classmate PC) it says teleop enabled were it should but the light will flash every once in a while. The code still runs.

Our team is having a similar issue. Even when deploying the “virgin” framework to the cRio, we still have the Watchdog Expiration issue. When the DS is left on the Diagnostic tab there is a never-ending cascade of errors. What is interesting is that the errors slow down in frequency when the vision system is disabled.

Open for ideas on troubleshooting…

By the way, the Robot Status Light is supposed to blink. When the robot is enabled, it turns off briefly every second and a half.

Ours slows down and blinks twice really fast and then is solid for the second or whatever. When we use the old drivers station for robot mode it says Watchdog. I will look at the it again monday and tell you what I find.