cRIO Trouble ((User 1 and Status Issue))

So yesterday upon fixing the errors in our programming and all that we attempted to download and use code today. We powered on our bot and was scratching our heads at the errors we keep getting. we checked our wiring and everything. The cRIO gets the power light and all lights on the electrical are all working and right. However, on the cRIO the User 1 and Status light don’t work.

As well as not registering a voltage, despite having the jumper in the right spot.
We doubled checked our wiring, tried hooking up directly to the cRIO and have spent the last three hours trouble shooting the issue.

We are in dire need of help, we are closing in on shipping day and if the cRO doesn’t work right we won’t be able to compete this year. If we can’t fix the issues we’ll hold back the cRIO to do so.

Can you show us one of these head-scratch-prompting errors? Someone here might understand it better than you do right now.

What do you expect the User 1 and Status lights to be doing? What are they doing instead?

You say the power jumper is in the right spot, but is that spot itself in the right spot? :wink: Is the jumper on an Analog Breakout board atop the AI module in slot 1, and does it have 12V power connected - in the correct polarity – to it? Is its green power light lit?

The cRIO Status LED usually lights only when the cRIO is reset.
The cRIO User 1 LED only lights if you set it yourself in your code.

They aren’t going on when these things happen, and all Driver Station statuses are green?

Ok well after fiddling with it all day we actually figured out what was wrong…which was many thing. After going backwards a bit with progress we managed to fix it all yesterday before the end of the day. then we burnt yet another motor controller. Anyways. the issue has been resolved and I really do need to try to describe the issues better but it’s kinda hard to do when you don’t even know what’s wrong in the first place, other then the fact it’s not working how we want it.