cRIO v7 fails

We connected the cRIO and other components, and ran the benchtop test with no errors. The joysticks control the motors as expected. Then we updated the cRIO firmware with, following section 5.1.2 of the Control System manual, and selecting the LabView option and our IP address. Apparently OK; all messages showed as described in the manual. Now, at power on, the LEDs on the Jaguars blink, and a green LED on the digital sidecar blinks. I loaded LabView on our laptop and selected the RT cRIO Target, Basic Robot Main vi. I selected the Run option, which apparently copied the program to the cRIO OK. The Jaguar LEDs and sidecar LED continued to blink, and we found no response to the joysticks.

What am I doing wrong?

Have you upgraded the firmware on the Driver’s Station, as well as patched LabView and WindRiver to the newest versions of the software? All of this must be done at once.

You will also need to restart the cRIO (by removing power, waiting a couple seconds, and re-applying power) to make everything work.

Did you update the Driver Station firmware as well? If the LCD reads *** OTB *** on the last line, then it’s not gonna work with the updated cRIO image.

I updated LabView to the latest configuration. I was unable to update the Driver station; same problem with the USB drive as several other teams reported. I will try other USB drives Tuesday to see if one works.

We recycled cRIO power several times, waiting up to several minutes between.

Since you didn’t update the DS, don’t bother with the cRIO. It just won’t work without the DS update. For us, an old Kingston DataTraveler did the trick, don’t forget to reboot the DS after plugging the flash drive and everything should work as intended.

It is times like these I wish FIRST had an official wiki where people could aggregate knowledge about what works and what doesn’t work. Someday…

Me too! I used a 16GB Kingston DataTraveler. Worked great.