We are having trouble flashing our Crio. Is there a patch or something that can fix this?:confused:

Are you remembering to include your team number?

Some more details would be helpful. Alternatively, using the search function may help you.

We have downloaded the program 3 times and it will not come up. we do not know what to do and we have checked the FIRST site. We do not know what to do next…

Make sure you are following the steps in the Getting Started Guide

If you are still having trouble with imaging, check out this thread on the FIRST forums:

Be sure to download the language specific update for the image to come up. All of the updates can be found here, but you only need the one that you are programming in (Java, C++ or LabVIEW). Hope this helps.

You’re not being very clear about what exactly your problem is. Is it just that you don’t know how to use the imaging tool? Please describe what exactly you’ve done and where in the process you’re getting stuck at.

Perhaps p17-18 of this will help.

Your problem may perhaps be just an IP issue if your cRIO is not even being seen by the cRIO imaging tool.