Criteria for Judged Awards

Will the Infinite Recharge at Home judged awards be based on how well your robot addresses the 2020 in-person game, or how well it addresses the 2021 Skills Challenges? All I can find in the manual are the criteria for each specific award (machine robustness, professional approach to design process, etc), which are completely game/challenge agnostic.

Additionally, I saw elsewhere on CD a mention that the manual doesn’t say you’re required to submit the same robot for the judged awards that you used in the skills challenges. Has anyone seen any official clarification?

Basically what all these questions add up to is “if we designed a brand-new robot optimized for the skills challenges, would it do worse in the judged awards than a robot with abilities that are useless in the skills challenges but valuable in the actual game (climber, defense, etc)?”

Question 5 - FRC Q&A (


Not sure exactly how I feel after that answer…

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That Q&A answer was really not the one I was expecting. Since there is an explicit requirement that you submit a robot for the judged awards in order to be able to compete for the skills challenges (it literally says your scores will be thrown out if you don’t submit an entry for the judged awards) I was assuming it would have to be the same robot. This seem like an awfully inequitable ruling, in that teams that can meet and have the money will be able to build a skills-optimized robot for the skills challenges but still submit their much more sophisticated 2020/2021 competition robot for the judged awards. Teams that can’t meet both the criteria will be at a distinct disadvantage, often through circumstances they can’t control (especially the ability to meet to work on an optimized robot.) This is not how I would have thought FIRST would handle this.

One thought I had was

“And now to the honorable judges, we would like to present “Recycle Ralf”, whom we carefully crafted 6 years ago. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a skills challenge to attend to.”


while I’m sure you could present your recycle rush robot it’s doubtful you’ll win anything.
unless it can somehow magically play the 2020 game then go for it.

Comes back to my original question though - the manual doesn’t actually say you’re being judged on how well it plays the 2020 game, does it?

I’d look at the definitions of the awards, ultimately it’s up to the judges to interpret those things to give out awards. not anything the manual says.

It looks like Q&A 12 answered my main question this morning:

For the Infinite Recharge at Home Judged Awards, judges will be judging based on the guidelines described on the Award Guidelines page and will not favor either ROBOTS designed for INFINITE RECHARGE or INFINITE RECHARGE at Home.

(emphasis mine)

So a robot completely optimized for the Skills Challenges (and that wouldn’t do well in match play) could still be a strong contender in the Judged Awards.

from Q&A 5 & 12 you can use either a 2020 robot or a 2121 built robot for any of the robot challenges and judged awards. For the skills challenges you have to use one robot in one configuration (SC8). It does not have to be the same robot as used in judged challenges. you Sorry unless you built it in 2020 or 2021 and meets the current rules, you can’t use your recycled rush robot.

While Q12 says the judges won’t favor a robot built for 2020 or 2021… A robot built and optimized for the skill challenges still has to meet the robot rules. It while also have to be completed and optimized before the judged challenges or due. I think the judged challenges will be easier with a robot built last year because you can spend more time optimizing and demonstrating its abilities.

I’m psyched to show off our 2121 bot :wink:

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The question is, will the flux capacitor be a CUSTOM CIRCUIT ?

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