CriteriaCollection in the 2015 API


We are trying to reuse image processing code from last year, and we have almost all of the imports fixed except for “import;”

The import for CriteriaCollection can’t be resolved. Is there another path for this import, or old code cannot be used at all this season?

Hi. We are having this same problem and wondering if you have figured it out yet?

Who wants to hear a joke? Ok well I’m telling it anyways…the NIVision libraries for java! Want to hear another one? Too bad cause you won’t find the documentation

Edit: As of writing this I decided to take it upon myself and develop a Simple vision Library that will be really easy to understand and easy to use for beginners like the NIVision is supposed to use but doesn’t. If you have any questions about my future library feel free to pm me! should be done pretty soon as I am just going for basic usage such as Image capture, Simple thresholding and some information on particles.