Critical Field Specs

I have a simple request which I was hoping the GDC could help me out with.
Sometimes it is difficult to figure out the dimensions of some things on this playing field because of the nature of the field drawings.

Basically… it seems as though the field drawings are created from a “manufacturing & assembly” standpoint. They don’t always include the critical dimensions that teams care about. Sometimes it takes a loooooong time to dig through the drawings and find/calculate the dimension.

Any chance we can get a “critical dimensions for robot design” drawing packet? I know there are some robot designers involved with the GDC and I bet they could pretty quickly figure out which dimensions teams want. Please? Please?



I entirely agree.

Several times we’d be arguing about design this year, send a few people to figure out a dimension, and get three different answers back.

Such a drawing would be fantastic.

This goes without saying at this point…
I’d be happy to volunteer to help make this happen. I know several others who have made similar offers and would also be willing to get involved.


Do you mean things like “height of the port on the outpost for empty cells” or 'width of the refueling port" type dimensions? If so, that would definitely save some time and effort.

I have wondered for years why they do not just make the model available. Then it would be possible to get whatever dimensions they inadvertently left out and I could save a week re-modeling their drawings.