Critical Look at Team 998's website

I am the creator of the site and I just wanted to hear some opinions on what I have made so far. Give it a look if you have time. The link for now is…


I like it. Nice and simple, but professional. Sleek-looking. You hold the color scheme well. You could use some more information about the team. I reccomend checking out the Website Award Checklist on Awards.pdf and going through your website with it.

also a quick bug report, all of the images in the gallery are broken - they are currently trying to reference images with URLs like this:\Images\Uploads\Source_Picture_005.jpg

(note the “/.” - that shouldn’t be happening)

Very nice. You might want to make the navagation bar at the top a little more obvious. It’s a little on the smallish side.

Great site! :slight_smile:

You need to smooth the graphics a little. But I LOVE the progress bar of the status of the team. I might even steal that idea… I mean, er… borrow. Yeah, that’s the word. BORROW. Anyway, I think you can change the little logo next to the news pages. Also, make the navigation bigger, very had to see the first time.

Thanks for all the comments, I will do the little changes that you guys requested. I did also notice that some of the text was a little hard to read without cleartype enabled. So I will fix that.

[deltacoder] Can you please tell me what browser you are using, because I’m seeing all clear in IE 5.5 and 6. It may be a navigator thing or macintosh thing. But thank you for pointing this stuff out. Oh yeah and [JosephM] what’s great about my progress bars is that it’s database driven and can be updated through my custom web interface.

using Safari 1.1 - it appears the it may just be the method with which you are specifying the url - try putting the entire web path to the image in the tag, instead of just a relative path (should be fairly easy to do if each entry is being generated dynamically).

Right, that would be the plan, I was just wondering what browser you were using, cause some (mac) browsers hate reletive paths, other (windows) browsers are a little smarter.

<a href='.\Images\Uploads\Source_Picture_009.jpg'><img src='.\Images\Uploads\Thumb_Picture_009.jpg' width='144' height='96' border='0'>

I believe it’s because you just have your slashes the wrong way. Try:

<a href='./Images/Uploads/Source_Picture_009.jpg'><img src='./Images/Uploads/Thumb_Picture_009.jpg' width='144' height='96' border='0'>

Absolute paths will be added shortly I’m waiting for the finalizing of our web host. I’m working with my school to get some space and an FTP account. They are on a 10 Mbps connection. Once the host is finallized I will change all the paths. I have known about this issue and intend to fix it. Writing the website all by hand is tedious but rewarding. I was just using relitive paths to save me time.

Looking at it again, you need to get rid of that default vlink color (uhg… plum). I’d change it to a nice gray or something.

pretty nice website … i like the simplicity :slight_smile: