Cross-link Robot Control System

The Cross-link Robot Control System is now available. The Cross-link system leverages the power of CAN and combines it with a simple, free and open-source user interface that may be used on any laptop, net-book, PC, Android or Windows mobile device. This system allows users of all skill sets to have access to easy and flexible controls that provide unparalleled power and ease of use. The system is expandable and allows direct control of solenoids, PWM based DC motor controllers, relays and provides several analog, digital and direct quadrature decoding. The system also allows direct control of CAN motor controllers like the Jaguar. This system is great for getting that kit-bot up and running the day of kickoff. It is also great for testing prototypes. If you already own a 2CAN then all you will need is the CANipede RCM. Check it out at:

Cross-link Robot Control Software installer may be downloaded at: