Crossing center line in auto

In autonomous, a robot is not allowed to cross the center line. Does crossing the center line mean that the bumpers cannot be over it, or any part of the robot at all? So could a robot have some sort of arm that reach over and grab it if the bumpers are behind then line?

During AUTO, ROBOTS may not enter the volume above the MIDLINE. Think of it as a line shooting straight up from the floor.

I think the specific wording on G13 will answer your question.

G13 During AUTO, ROBOTS may not enter the volume above the MIDLINE.

Interesting. This suggests that a robot cannot even reach to the center of the midline and hence the center of the boulder, but instead must stay 1" away from the center of the boulder. A robot can only interact with ~4" of the boulder on their side. Good thing our gravity pump prototype is working.

A tractor beam would be a good choice too :wink:

I know of a team planning on using suction to hold the ball. I could see that working for mid-line boulders.

We plan to beam up the boulder into a transporter buffer on board the robot, move the robot to the courtyard (to be compliant with G40) and then beam it directly to the high goal. We’re prototyping the Heisenberg compensators tonight.

That will require a very precise auto routine to accomplish without a penalty.

We are busy training our robot as a Jedi. With a little luck, come week 1, it will be able to use the Force to score a total of seven boulders in autonomous - and we won’t have to get anywhere near the midline.

Make sure the Ref’s can see the robot in contact with the Boulder in the Outer Works zone. It is hard for a Ref to see the boulder in the transporter’s electronic buffer.

You can just go ahead and cross the midline - the refs won’t mind.

“These are not the droids that crossed the midline.”

Hope the robot is a podracer too - you’ll be crossing the outer works a lot.