Crossroads Regional

I’m Kate from FIRST Team 1108. We are a team of 12 who are not very experienced when it comes to scouting. The main problem is not many are available with the knowledge.

We were wondering if any teams attending would consider helping us. We could scout together as a group or just get pointers from you!

We would love any help you may offer!

Thank you so much!

CIA is going to be at crossroads for the first time this year. We have an excellent scouting system and I can imagine we would be willing to help. I can’t speak with certainty though because I am currently not with the team (I am off at college). If you would like, I can put you in contact with some of the scouting members and they would be happy to do anything they could to help you get started on scouting. Good luck at competition!

1014 is going to Crossroads for the first time as well. We have a good scouting system we have used the past couple of years, though we may be testing another team’s system. In either case we would be happy to collaborate. Shared scouting work is a great way to make new friends.

Thank you to you both!
I would love to get into contact with your teams if possible.
We are so grateful for the help!

Good Luck this season!