Crowdsourcing FRC Team Color Data

Hello everyone, I recently made some pretty charts using team color data that I created myself by searching team websites. Since I’ll likely be building other charts like this in the future, I’m planning to start my own archive of team color data. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of teams out there, and getting all that data myself would be a lot of work. So my plan is to try to trick everyone else into getting this data for me by crowdsourcing the process!

I’ve created a master sheet of team color data here:

I’ll leave this sheet publicly accessible so that others can use this data themselves, and if things go well this year I might have a new submission period in following years.

If you want to contribute team color data, go to the “Instructions” sheet and follow the steps listed there. I’ll copy it below as well. I’m trying to find the right way to do this which minimizes the work for me while also stopping anyone from messing up the data, so I’ve decided to run with a process wherein I’ll be accepting region submissions of data. So I guess we’ll see how this goes. I’ll use this thread to coordinate any updates. Good luck!

If you want to contribute data, here are the steps:
Click File-> Make a Copy
Save the file as "FRC Crowdsourced Color Data - Region" where Region is the region you are submitting data for, for example "FRC Crowdsourced Color Data - Minnesota"
Edit color data for teams in the region the file is named, if you edit teams in other regions those changes will not apply
Send me your updated file and I will incorporate it into this book
I will only be accepting 1 submission per region, and it will be the submission with the most complete data, so please coordinate with others to get the best data possible before submitting to me
You can coordinate efforts in this CD thread or through other channels
I will stop accepting submissions on Feb 9 at 11:59pm Central time, if this process goes well I'll continue with this in future seasons


This is awesome @Caleb_Sykes, thanks for organizing it all!

Here’s a PNW sheet, if you’re a PNW team and want to add your color/the colors of teams you know, add them here!


This is great, thanks for putting it together.

Here’s the list for Israel.

For some reason the eyedropper program I used likes to give colors in multiples of 51. Not really sure why, but the colors still came out pretty closed to what they should be. I found that a lot of teams are missing their websites on TBA, and a surprising number of listed websites are no longer operational. Most of the colors I got were from teams’ Facebook pages, since many teams that didn’t have websites did have Facebook.

What primary and secondary RGB values would you put for WildStang?



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What are YOUR primary and secondary colors? :grin:

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Starting on Florida

Is there a reason the filter doesn’t by default go all the way down stopping around 5900 and why rookies aren’t listed?

Fixed the filter, that was a mistake. I guess I don’t actually have location data for rookies since I just copied pchild’s location data from here.

@pchild Could you run your location identification script again including rookies and dead teams?

Just made one for New England

I don’t know the official colors for other teams in the area (at least, not the specific hex numbers), but here’s ours:
Pink: #F06D9B
Navy: #00467F

This is one of my favorite Chrome extensions and it may come in handy for anyone working on this project:


I’ve compiled the data I received into the master sheet. Given the lukewarm response, I’m unsure if I’ll keep up with this effort or not, but if I do, I’ll likely have another round of official input sometime in the fall.

Here’s an unofficial sheet with public access, if you want to contribute you can throw data in here, but if the sheet breaks don’t blame me:

Purposefully resurrecting this in light of current COVID-19 stuff. Easy way to contribute to some reasonable useful data for visualizations.

@Caleb_Sykes would you be willing to still accept new submissions? I may be able to tackle a bit of the midwest for ya.

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@WillNess has built on my sheet here

Check with him to see if he’ll allow more submissions. I think it makes more sense to contribute to his then to mine as his is more complete and he is more actively maintaining it.

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