Crowdsourcing Media

How do other teams work to collect all of their media (photos, videos) that their students, families, etc generate during a season? We all know how valuable pictures of that one student, or the team at this specific outreach event, etc can be when developing marketing materials for sponsors, recruiting, or awards.

My team uses a smugmug gallery for pictures and small clips, and we send upload links to any member who has something for upload. This gallery is available on our website for all to see. For videos, since they are so large, I store them on my school account google drive and share as necessary.

This year our team used Google Photos which worked out pretty well. What I did was using our team’s Google/Gmail Account created an Album for each of our regionals, updated the sharing preference to allow anyone with the link to add photos/videos, and shared the link to everyone on the team. The great thing about Google Photo is that they will allow you to store as many High Res photos you like for free plus it keeps track who uploaded what photo. Let me know if you need help with this.