CRUSH 1011 Chezy Teaser

See you at Chezy Champs!

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Very impressive! Do you use vision detect where the gears are, or are you relying on your alliance partners to drop them off correctly?

Good luck at Chezy Champs!

Holy guacamole. Nice job guys. We’ll see y’all there and I look forward to seeing this amazing machine!


Wow!!! Great Job CRUSH!!! Good luck at Chest Champs! We can’t wait to see your amazing team and robot at The AZ State Championships in October!!! Good Luck, you are going to CRUSH IT!!!

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it in person at State. Best of luck at Chezy Champs!

We do not run vision on the gears. The width of our collector allows the gear to be about 6 inches off in either direction along the wall. For 2 gear center and 2 gear side peg auto, we pass in a value for the distance from the centerline to the center of the 2nd gear, allowing us to place the gear wherever on our alliance partner’s robot that fits best. We also run the robot into the wall to center the gear when picking it up. Did not have any issues at champs with this.

Did you motion profile the curve from the center peg to the front of the gear?