Cryptic WindRiver Error

When we run our code from the CPU with WindRiver on it to the robot, (via driverstation > Router > Gaming Adapter > cRIO, we get this cryptic error.

Error connecting to ‘VxWorkd6x_10.8.48.2’ (Registry localhost). Failed to connect target
Possibly caused by: Runtime information undefined or uncatchable,
TOS library support for target OS version “6.3) can not be loaded

We are lost as to what this means exactly, when everything eolse seems to be in place on the robot. Any help is appreciated.

Laptop > Driver Station > Router > Gaming Adapter > cRIO should work

Try going to start > run > type cmd > type ping 10.xx.xx.2 where xx.xx is your respective team number.

If you get a response your cRIO is connected, if you dont, there is a connection wrong.

try pinging 10.xx.xx.(y)
for y = 3,4,5

You laptop should have a corresponding IP of 10.xx.xx.6

Windriver runs additional software on your computer while you are debugging on the cRIO: the registry and the target. You should see icons appear in the bottom right of your screen near your clock.

Sometimes between debug sessions or if you reboot the cRIO, the connection gets interrupted and this additional software should be restarted if it gets quirky.

In windriver you can right clight on that VxWorkd6x_10.8.48.2 and Disconnect/Connect to help fix it (this takes a few seconds).

This is because your cRIO is running a RPC service (remote procedure call) so that your computer can control it.

Also, when you set up the connection to the cRIO, make sure you selected the vxWorks firmware from the WPI folder!

Another thing, using the Imaging program, make sure you select that your device is going to be used with WindRiver (C/C++) rather than LabView.