just wondering if anyone was at the CRYSTAL METHOD concert at the HOUSE OF BLUES in downtown disney last friday april 26th?

Oh i wish. i didnt even get to go to florida. but on the bright side the day after my team left i went to an incubis concert. :smiley: :frowning:

well while i was there with some wildstangers and then later in the night i met some killer bees #33. i was just wondering if anyone else was there?

I didn’t go to Florida :frowning:

Two of my teammates were at the Crystal Method concert, but more important was the Face to Face concert 5 of us went to on Saturday!!!

did your team have a curfew? and if they did what time was that?

My team had to be back on hotel property by 11 pm except for the night of the team party (which is the night we saw Face to Face) by 12, so it worked out nice for Face to Face people but the Crystal Method people paid $35 for a really short concert…

yeah a bunch of wildstangers were there and they had to be back in their rooms at midnight so they had to leave at 11:30pm. i mean the doors opened at 8:30pm and crystal method didnt go on stage untill like 12:10am so they missed them. i felt bad that they had to leave and paid $35 without seeing them preform. but i did meet some alumni i think from the killer bees during the show. i wanna find out who.