CSS in IE / 2349's site

Hey guys, I just redid our site. There’s still a link to the old site since the new version has no content, but before I add content to the new version I want to fix it in IE. It appears as it should in Firefox, but I need CSS help for IE. The site is http://www.waylandfirst.com/

Any CSS gurus around & bored who could help? Thanks in advance.


I would recommend first setting up a IEFix.css or something and add

<!--[if IE]><style type="text/css">LINK TO IEFIX.CSS STYLESHEET</style><![endif]-->

Then add your two main IDs in that file, #main-nav and #content. All you need is something like

#main-nav {
          width: WIDTH;

#content {
          width: WIDTH;

From there I would play with the widths, and see if you can get something to work.

Ooh I didn’t think it would just be a width issue. Thanks, fixed. I’ll upload & put content on the site later, I guess.