A question for all you fellow solid works guys out there:

What level of skill is needed for each of the CSW_(A,P, P subsets, E) and are they worth it for benefits granted.

For those who don’t know what i’m talking about: http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/796_ENU_HTML.htm?pid=446

There are HUGE benefits to each. The CSWA (Associates) is geared for those who Finish a semester of SolidWorks in High School, College, or the Commercial Class taught to Professionals. This Exam lets everyone know that you have gone thru entry level training. To a potential employer it means that they do not need to higher you and then have you away for 5 days of training at a certified training location and still pay your salery for the week. So this is an emidiate cost savings to them.

The CSWP (Professional), is a higher-end exam that lets Employers know that you realy know your stuff when it comes to knowing the Tool and the benifit is instant productivity. If there are to people with identical resume’s the only difference is a CSWP, the one with it would win hands down. This Certification is a benefit for both the employer and the employee.