CT all girls team, looking for mentor with experience in FIRST

Hey guys,
Our team, Athena’s Warriors completed our rookie season last year, but kind of struggled with a lot of things, just because none of our mentors really had a lot of experience in FIRST. We are looking for a mentor who has helped in a FIRST team before and has the specific knowledge base that goes along with it. Even if its just to help out for one day and teach us some about programming and such (since we didn’t really have any idea what to do when our mentor with some experience stopped showing up) it would be a HUGE help.

Members of Athena’s Warriors

We’ll take a road trip down to CT! I’m sure we can get a few members from our team and our new best friend teams to come down and help you out :). Message me if you’re interested and I can give you my e-mail (which I check more than Cheif Delphi) and I’m sure we can work something out!

Hi Anna!

Although obviously I am not a mentor who would be able to make it to CT to help your team, please remember that anyone on these forums is here to help you and your team out whenever you need anything. Do not take this site for granted! If you ever need any other help please don’t hesitate to post questions on here, search for answers, and feel free to PM me or anyone else when you need something. Also, please take up Genevieve on her offer! These guys and girls run a fantastic team up in NH and would definitely be an asset to your team. Good luck!

. :slight_smile:

Hi Anna,

I’m originally from Avon, CT - I’ve been involved with the UberBots (FRC 1124) for a while. I’d really love to help you guys out, but I go to college in the Boston area so it’s not exactly practical. However, I’d still like to be able to share my knowledge with you, so feel free to contact me if you ever need advice on anything that I can help with from afar. (My email address is emcisaac@mit.edu- I’m probably best suited toward advice on team organization, strategy & coaching, logistics, deadlines, awards submissions, outreach and volunteer work, etc.) Also, try reaching out to local teams- I know that the both Uberbots and the Enforcers (from Farmington, FRC 178) have enjoyed helping out local teams in the past, and I’m sure they and others would all be delighted to help you with anything you need. You can contact the UberBots at avonrobotics@comcast.net if you want to reach them. I hope everything works out for your team!

FRC 1124 Alum

I for one, would be happy to assist.

I remember your team from CT. You guys certainly had some speed bumps but you seemed like a team with a strong start that needed just a bit more help on the engineering side of things. If you guys need any assistance from any of us on 2791, send me a PM. We’re a few hours away and I’m pretty sure I’m the only team member crazy enough to make the drive out to CT, but we’re always willing to help out even if remotely.

Man, wish I had seen this last week… I just drove a uHaul through Connecticut yesterday :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness though… I know our team would be glad to help out however we could (although CT is a little too far from MN to meet up too often). Being the only all girls team in MN puts us in a fairly unique position to help out other all girls teams that are just getting started or struggling.

I know over the past 4 years, we’ve been working hard to develop a program that specifically targets the needs of an all girls team, and would be happy to share what we’ve learned, and how our program has changed over the years.

Feel free to send us an e-mail at 2177@therobettes.com with any specific questions or areas you need help with. We’d love to help out long distance with whatever we can do.

Thanks for all the responses guys! It really means a lot to know how supportive this community is. I have to discuss it all with our mentors at our next meeting (thursday) but I think it would be beneficial to take you guys up on your offers. I’ll email with prospective times and dates.

Thanks so much,


By the way, to follow up on my last reply to you, I know for sure that at least I can come down to help and everyone I’ve talked to from our team and our best friend teams have been interested, so please message me when you know more details :slight_smile: we’re exticed!!

Our team would love to work with your team again this year, and possibly come up to visit again during build season!