CT Regional - Jess Promised She Wouldn't Delete This....

To Who: Hartford, CT Participants
From Who: A Yankee turned Redneck FIRSTer from “back in the day”

Consider yourself warned… there will be an invasion from Tennessee for the 2004 FIRST Hartford, CT Regional. Beware of an old white Chevrolet S-10 pickup with a blue bed bearing TN plates. The driver is going armed with three years of pent up FIRST withdrawal and she should be considered highly FIRST-a-holic and crazy.

There are some of you who are familiar with this escapee. Please warn your teammates and friends ;o)

She is expected to arrive for the first day of competiton in Hartford. Be prepared.

Hey, I remember seeing you around my freshman year (2001)… I didnt realize it until I saw our bandanna in the background. UTC should be awesome this year, many competitive teams. Anyway I’m sure I’ll see you then.

All i can say is i wish i was going to see you!! Good to hear your going to a regional again, enjoy!

Andrew! Maybe once I make oodles and oodles of money I’ll get my tail down to Florida ;o) I wish you were going to Nats… errr… the “Championship Event”… there’s a good possibility that I can make that since it’s only in Atlanta. I can do Atlanta in a day and one tank of gas!

~ l