CT Science Center Off-Season competition

Hey guys,

I just recently graduated from South Windsor High School and team 177, the Bobcats. I am working at the CT Science Center for the summer and have been trying to work on a way to partner the Science Center with FIRST. My initial thought was to set up an off-season event here so that teams can come and play Logomotion and see the exhibits with their family and friends. Unfortunately, the event would have to be set up for the week after Labor Day, which doesn’t give me any time at all, really.

Since I know these events are epic and need a lot of volunteers, resources and planning, do you think it would be feasible to set something up?

Thanks so much! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Katherine Desy

Considering how soon it is, you would need to put a mountain of work into doing it. I don’t think it’s feasible.

If you go through with it, I’d be happy to volunteer.

That’s what I was thinking. I will flesh out possible dates and other necessary aspects by the end of the week and see if we can move forward or not.

Thanks for the offer! If we do go through with it, the help will definitely be appreciated.

Actually, now that I think about it, just so I’m not wasting a week here entirely, can anyone think of other options for events to hold at the science center? We need something that will entice robotics kids and their families to come, other than just the exhibits themselves.

Why not just set up a half-court with the low cost field elements and a team constructed field border. You can invite several teams, get a PA system to talk to the crowd, play some FIRST videos, and play a little background music. You can still have an awesome show without playing a full match.

This is what we have done for years at science museums, trade shows and sporting events. It would be considerably less work for your first try and then maybe you could do a competition in 2012.

Just some thoughts.

Good Luck!

How about doing a larger scale demo and then scaling it up to an offseason in future years? Its a little less hassle/stress but can provide almost the same benefit.

1511 pretty much did this with the Monroe County Fair. They started in 2009 with a general demo where they just invited the other local teams to come and participate. In 2010 and 2011 it grew to a full field and 2-3 other teams coming every day to help demonstrate. Its not a full fledged off-season, but provides nearly the same public appeal with a lot fewer volunteers, and no need for the extras like awards or FMS systems or concessions, etc. It won’t become an offseason since their big offseason is the Ruckus in October, but its nearly the scale with a full field and other teams attending.

Good luck!

You may way to contact the people at CTFIRST (www.ctfirst.org) and see if they can help you out, or at least send out a mass CT FIRST team email.

The summer is a tough time to try and put something together, however CT has a large FIRST base, and there are alot of alumni currently home from college.

Keep us up to date, it’s definitly possible for us to attend if we are needed.

I like the idea of having a big demo. Maybe set a date, tell the new crews to get the word out, and invite some CT teams up to the science center to set up a small booth to show what their team does, and have a half field set up for maybe like a time trial kind of competition, see who can put the most tubes and a minibot up in 1 minute, let the general public be able to watch? I’m sure you could get teams to come out and help out. I’d defiantly be willing to help out with anything you need, and I’m fairly positive I’d be able to get GUS up there. If you want you can shoot me an e-mail at [email protected], I’d love to help out with making this a reality, it’s an awesome idea!


A big demo at the science center would be great. When you set a date I think I would be able to get Paragon there. If you need help/volunteering you can PM me. In a few years maybe this can be a full off season event.Good Luck:D

This would be a fantastic idea!

I would definatly be on board to help anyway I could. I’m sure some others here on the team would be more then willing to help and give you advice.

Just give me a PM if you need anything.

We have done a ton of these. So if you need any advice, just PM me.

Would a demo be profitable, though?

I love the idea, since it sounds much more manageable for a small group of people to get going, but I don’t really know how we could get people in. I mean, we could obviously open up the Science Center and add the demo as part of the regular general admission price, but I’m not sure if it would work.


This sounds like a really great idea with tons of possibility. I would agree that it’s most likely infeasible to happen this year (as a full fledged competition, for that matter), but it might be possible to pull off a demo-like event. Keep us informed, as Team 1124 could probably help out in some way, if needed.

I’d be all for a full field demo. Not a real off season, but put 6 teams on the field every few minutes and play some mock matches or something. I need to train some drivers anyway.

It’s great to know that some CT teams want to get involved! That’s great! Good to know I have some security :slight_smile:

I’m working with my supervisor here and I’m about to go downstairs and check out the actual space where this would be happening.

The one thing I’m running into a major issue with is seating. It will virtually be an empty room, and there are no bleachers of any kind there. Chairs would be a pain and probably not very practical because people sitting in the way back wouldn’t be able to see. So…there’s the dilemma.

We’ll see where this goes, but thanks for all the help everyone!

I would be very interested in volunteering if I this event happens. I will send this to the Mentors on Aces High to see if we would be available and have enough people interested in attending.