CT State Championship

Save the Date!
Saturday, May 13, 2017
Guilford High School
Guilford, CT

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Post if you are registered to go so we can have a list started!

NRG4055 is registered

Teams may register here:

558 will be in attendance.

2067 is looking forward to competing and hosting the event.

CyberKnights will be there. A big thank you to Apple Pi for hosting this year!

2170 will be in attendance.

The ĂśberBots are planning to attend.

The FullMetal Falcons will be in attendance.

Aluminum Falcons will swoop by (will there be pulled pork sandwiches?)

For teams attending the world championship it seems like shipping time would limit the ability to attend this event. Are teams relying on bringing the robot back in a car or trailer from St. Louis instead of in the crate? I know 3719 would like to attend, but may be unable to do so if we have to wait 3-6 weeks to receive our robot back in CT.

At the Championship, teams who need their robots back sooner for state championship events are usually given some sort of special sticker or label to place on their crate, in order to expedite shipment. It hasn’t been a problem in past years.

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Last year all the New England teams received a special sticker (large blue dot?) to put on your crate. All the blue stickered crates were supposed to go on the same truck(s) headed back to New England.

Regional Director Carol Scully covered this in her Advancement meetings at the Waterbury and Hartford District Events and at District Champs. Contact her at [email protected] for details, but I seem to recall that all the New England robots are being shipped back together from FIRST Champs so it wouldn’t be a problem.

We have been able to attend CT Champs the past 3 years after going to St Louis, with same time frame - encourage you to plan on attending!

And as an evolving team, look forward to playing with you on Darwin

Thanks Kathie. I emailed Carol and she confirmed that there are special arrangements for CT teams to ensure that our robot arrives back home in time.

Gaelhawks with be there! Looking forward to playing with our local teams again. :wink: :smiley:

Are you looking for volunteers? How would we register to volunteer?

Here is the volunteer registration form: 2017 Where is Wolcott Invitational - Volunteer Registration

Here is the Facebook event page: 2017 CT State Robotics Championship

999 will be there.