CTR: CAN Frame not received/too-stale CANCoder 1 GetAbsolutePosition

Hello, we are using swerve this year and trying to get the hang of it. We are using Falcon Motors powered by TalonFXs for our swerve modules and NEOs powered by Spark Maxes for the rest. We are currently receiving this error whenever we start robot code. When we just have the Talons the code works just fine, but once we add in the spark maxes this error begins to show up. Are the different motor controllers fighting each other or is something else entirely going on?

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Do you have a link to your code? That way we can see if there is anything out of the ordinary?

Are you absolutely certain that you don’t have conflicting CAN ids across all the devices?

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What is your roborio CPU utilization, and what is your canbus utilization?

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