CTR Phoenix Lib does not show up after VSCode reinstall

I reinstalled VScode to get the new version, however, the Phoenix libs didn’t work so I deleted it and reinstalled the library through Phoenix tuner. However, when going to “manage vendor library” and install offline, it says that no new dependencies are available. Please help.

Report which download option you chose:

Did you confirm after install:

Actually, I just had to download the new version of Phoenix Tuner that came out February. I didn’t know about the new Phoenix tuner. Thank you!

Phoenix Tuner will not install the API libaries on your workstation.
The breakdown of software is covered here…

You can either:

  1. Run the full Windows Installer to get Tuner and API (offline option 1)
  2. Download the API.zip separately and install your self (offline option 2)
  3. Or forgo the downloading and use the online API installer via VS (covered in our VS section).

If you want offline install of the API, start and here work down.

If you prefer online, go the first tip under:

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