[CTRE Blog] End of Week 4 and Phoenix v5.13.0 Update


BLOG: FRC 2019 Week 4

Hello FRC Community!

This week we are releasing our first comprehensive update for the 2019 season . Our test plan for this release was vigorous and took longer than we expected to complete, but we are satisfied with the results.

In this release the following components were updated:

  • New Tuner v1.2 (with Diagnostic Server v1.1)
  • New Phoenix API v15.3
  • New Firmware for Talon SRX (4.15), Victor SPX (4.15) and Pigeon IMU (4.13).

A breakdown of the changes are below, but due to the variety of improvements and how these components interact, we strongly recommend collectively updating all three components before Stop Build Day


For those of us new to VS Code, is there anything in VS Code that needs to be done once this is installed using the “v5.13 installer”? I already have the previous version installed.

Yes, there’s an update process for your vscode projects as well as your workstation.

The vscode instructions are here: