[CTRE Blog] FRC 2020 Kickoff


Hello FRC Community!

We’ve just release our 2020 version of Phoenix API. The Phoenix installer and non-Windows binary kit is now available.

You can also find the latest firmware CRFs at each product page (the installer also installs them).

The new features included in this season’s release are listed below.

New Product - Talon FX…


I downloaded about three hours ago. It said the 2020 Phoenix was available. Was I too early?

Nah you’re good. I was late on the CD forwarding post.

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What are the latest firmware versions for Talon SRX and Victors? My Phoenix tuner does not show any firmware CRF to update

Documentation (installer installs CRFs)

The location is documented here…

And the version release notes…

Also when you select CRF in Tuner, you can press the FRC shortcut. Latest CRFs have a season2020 suffix.

Alternatives to installer

Also blog post mentions you can download them individually from the product pages…

Alternatives to installer - Example

20.0 TalonSRX for example can be downloaded here…

Alternatives to installer - GitHub

Also you can get all the firmwares at once on github (Firmware-for-Phoenix-v5.17.3)

Makes sense?

Noob question, does the lib complies with the new 2020 simulation?

Does the Phoenix API supports wpilib 2020 simulator? @ozrien

It compiles and runs in simulation but doesn’t put anything in the GUI. You can add your own wrapper class to do that. See CTRE Halsim

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Thanks a lot! Totally missed that post.

But why not adding this in the WPI_TaonSRX?
I see HAL calls in this class, but why not supporting the sim GUI there?

That’s up to CTRE, as they provide that class. They may do exactly that in a future release.

Please do @ozrien!
We will certainly make a warpper for our case but for less advance teams I think It will be very helpful :smiley:

Thanks Peter!

Yup, this is on our to-do list for a future release.

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Next time I will mention you :wink:

@Jacob_C, any ballpark for when that release might be? 2020 season, or later?

We can likely do something simple during the 2020 season, though I’m not 100% sure yet.

Okay, thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for it. Hopefully the other vendors can do the same

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