[CTRE Blog] FRC 2022 New Products / Kickoff

New Products / FIRST 2022 Kickoff

Posted by Omar Zrien on 8th Jan 2022

Hello FRC Community!
Excited for kickoff? So are we! Time for a products and kickoff update!

New Products!

We’ve been busy here preparing a variety of new products. All of which are supported in the 2022 kickoff release software.


Love the CAN FD read. Bought a bunch of stuff, very excited to use the CANivore!



Thanks for the great CAN FD explainer to give some context for the CANivore. Learned a lot in that read, it’s clear you guys have really thought through your options when landing on these products and protocols. We made our orders and look forward to integrating these devices into our robots this year.




Has the API been released already? I still see ver 5.19.4 on the JSON file

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NVM I see the JSON file URL changed

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