[CTRE Blog] Week 6 and Phoenix v5.14.0 - New Features


BLOG: FRC 2019 Week 6

Hello FRC Community!

This weekend we have posted the Phoenix v5.14 feature release . This update has a few new Motion Control features we think will benefit teams as they wrap up their build seasons.

The features included are:

  • Talon and Victor firmware support for motion magic with S-Curve .
  • Tuner plotter can plot target position and velocity for MotionMagic/MotionProfile.
  • Tuner control tab supports testing several closed-loop modes including Motion Magic .

For the S-Curve smoothing amount, did this update add the ability to change that parameter with LabVIEW VIs, or do LabVIEW teams have to change this through the Phoenix Tuner?

You can change it programmatically. There is no VI, but you can use the generic Set-Param VI.

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