Ctre Can Receive Timeout?

We are trying to get our robot up and running, and none of the buttons are working. The robot still drives perfectly fine, but when we try and press a button on our controller, the robot will disable itself for a short period of time.

We know that all the talons, sparks, and solenoids are properly initialized and the buttons on the controller that cause it to disable are a mix of buttons programmed to sparks, talons, and solenoids. The buttons they are supposed to go to are supposed to go to a talon that run two motors, a double solenoid meant to lift two pistons up, and a spark that runs a motor. All the electronics have been checked over and none of them seem to have any issues and all have the latest firmware.

We also keep getting the Error of ERROR  1  CTRE CAN Receive Timeout and frc.robot.Main.main(Main.java:23)  . Those are the only errors that show up when we run the code.

A link to the code is: GitHub - RobotsByTheC/CMonster2021

You never instantiate the subsystems in robotcontainer, so that when a command calls a subsystem method, they are null. This is causing the code to crash and restart.

That fixed it. Thank you !

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