CTRE Libraries Not Importing

So I’ve been having this issue on and off, across multiple machines. After installing the CTRE Toolsuite, and installing the libraries through build.gradle, my code will still come up with a library unavailable error. Using Java on vscode

Yeah, I had this problem with ctre, just a minute ago. hit ctrl + shift + p, then type “WPI Vendor” Select the option (should be only one), then “Install New Libraries (Offline)” After that, try closing the vscode window, then opening it again.

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Unfortunately, just tried that and it didn’t change anything. I do appear to be using an older version of vscode, so I’m going to try updating and see if that solves anything

And that has also done a grand total of zero

Next step: Update Java. Here we goooooo

And that did nothing too

Fixed. Needed to make a new WPILib Project

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