CTRE Mag Encoder vs. MA3 Encoder

Yup, it’s this guy apparently. I’m more worried about handling wrapping when the module rotates 360*- you don’t want to go the long way to get from 359* to 1*.

That’s why we use a Vex encoder over an MA3.

We still use the AM-3495 for limit switches, sting pots, extended DIOs and even an MA3 if needed. Talons do more than run motors. We’ve used open channels on a Talon as a CANifier more than once.

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Do you know if it would be possible to connect a vex encoder with a spark max controller?

Don’t know. We only use CTRE stuff. Somebody else must know the specifics.

What do you mean by “seed an integrated encoder?”

If you have a gear reduction between the motor and the mechanism, absolute position on the motor encoder does not tell you absolute position of the mechanism. Having an absolute sensor on the actual mechanism gives you that information, and you can then offset the motor encoder value appropriately.

OK, I see. But if you seed it through the roboRIO, you lose the faster update rate, right?

You can seed when the mechanism isn’t moving (eg when disabled), and then control purely off the motor encoder after that (assuming backlash is small enough to not compensate for, of course). Also, faster update rate is great, but often doing the control loops on the Rio is plenty fast enough, and can be simpler to code / integrate with higher level controls.