CTRE Phoenix pro/ Tuner x


been reaseaching a bit about this been wondering if teams useing this are enjoying it for diagnostics purposes addtionally been trying to see how to get started with it and i have the following questions

  1. does it require CANIvore to work or can it work with roborio only?
  2. can i retrive logs of certain componets to see if they shortout?

Tuner X can work with any configuration. Rio only, Rio + CANivore, CANivore only. In terms of logs, not really, you can only see what’s currently happening with the devices. If you want intensive logging, start looking into On-Robot Telemetry Recording Into Data Logs — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation.

You can technically use a CANivore plus a coprocessor to log every bit of data on the CAN network or you want without worrying about performance impacts on the Rio.