CTRE Pneumatics Module is a 17 amp relay?

Boredom is a dangerous thing. We are using the CTRE Pneumatics control module to control some very short led strings. Something occured to me while staring at the PCM.

What is preventing someone from hooking up a Roborio dio pin to the ctre pcm pressure switch and turning the compressor power port into a 17 amp relay for something like a long led strip?

I’m probably missing something obvious.


I’d have to guess in that case it would be a custom circuit since it’s not being used to control an actuator, in which case, basically anything goes. You’d have to connect it to a normal pdp terminal though.

I’m curious which rule I would break if I power the PCM from the PCM output on the pdp, which is already fused.

You’re probably right, now that I’m reading the rules.

You’d also be using a $90 device to replace a less than $4 device (controlled via PWM rather than CAN):


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Money isn’t really an issue, since we have more than a half dozen of the things laying around. Also, as far as I am reading, the PCM is an Approved actuator that can control a motor. (no surprise, since that is what it is designed for). I.e. It can be used as a true relay and not just for pretty lights.

Erm… no. It can control any motor, as long as that motor is the compressor… See R504.


Meh. Go for it! It’s 2022 and we’ve all been stuck inside for too long. Have fun! Let us know how it goes!


Ahh. That’s the rule I was missing.

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