CTRE roboRIO CAN Upgrade

I am trying to install the CTRE lifeboat phoenix update to get can devices working. however I keep getting an error.

Connecting to roboRIO 01/11/2018 4:48 PM
  Connected sucessfully.
There is no file to backup: /var/local/natinst/www/resources/hardware/Pigeon_48.png.orig
Back already exists for /usr/local/frc/lib/libfrccanfirmwareupdate.so.orig
There is no file to backup: /usr/local/frc/share/can_devices.ini.orig
Failed to write /var/local/natinst/www/resources/hardware/Pigeon_48.png
Written file: /usr/local/frc/lib/libfrccanfirmwareupdate.so
Failed to write /usr/local/frc/share/can_devices.ini

Duration: 00:00:00.65

the admin login is default and the firmware version is 2.1.0f3

Are you running the 2018 RIO Image? Are you connected to the RIO using USB? Did you try using the Image tool to clean the RIO and load it with the 2018 Image? If you did all that, Try reimaging the RIO or Redownloading and reinstalling the CTRE library.

I am the lead programmer for FRC Team 781. We had this same problem. The fix that we found was to uninstall the toolsuite, and make sure that we downloaded the Phoenix toolsuite, not the Hero toolsuite. Hope this helps.

We couldn’t get the installer to download with Firefox or IE. For some reason we’d get a connection reset or something - I’m not sure why. We thought we didn’t need the installer, since we could compile code using the “non windows” installer-less version, and because the WpiLib update had provided a version of the “HERO Lifeboat” app.

Those assumptions turned out to be incorrect.

With the command-line tool wget, the installer downloaded correctly. The installer installs an app called “Phoenix Lifeboat” that has the window title “HERO Lifeboat” and looks like an updated version of the HERO lifeboat app. However, the Phoenix lifeboat app installs a great deal more files on the RoboRIO, and this fixed the problem for us.

That was our story; hopefully it helps the next person to land on this thread.

+1, we had the same issue and the same fix. If your Lifeboat (the application to update the roboRio web config) doesn’t have an “about” tab (next to “Image HERO”, “CAN Bus Devices” and “FRC roboRIO”) that will confirm you’re using last years lifeboat.

On this page, it’s the Phoenix Framework v5 for FIRST Power Up, not the Hero Toolsuite v4 for FIRST Steamworks.