CTRE Srx Mag Encoder Help

Could not find any post on this if there is please link

For using the mag encoder, it is only attached to one talon, for using it with auto programming will it have to be connected to both or is one talon the way to do it?

Generally speaking, encoders should only be connected to one talon at a time. What do you mean by both? A two motor gearbox or two sides of a drivetrain? If it’s the former, just attach the encoder to one (and if you’re using a closed-loop mode, slave the other talon to the first).

It honestly depends on what you are using it for. If you are using encoders for your drive base, then I would highly recommend using an encoder on each side of the drive base. Only one encoder for each side is sufficient and you only need to plug it into one talon, although make sure it is attached to one of your drive motors on the side that the encoder is on.

Ok I think my question was answered thx guys

It’s been answered but here’s my two cents…

You only need two encoders, one on each side of drive train.
Have the encoders plugged into the master Talon (I’m assuming your working with TalonSRXs but if not stop reading) and have the other motors on each side of the drive follow the master.