CTRE Talon SRX, Follower mode and setInverted()

Hi all -
We’ve been using the new CTRE Phoenix library with our Talons SRXs (latest 3.1 firmware), with mostly successful results. One behavior puzzled me though, and I wanted to see if others have experienced this.

We created some test code to run one Talon as a master and the other as a slave, running in Follower mode with the master. Both were configured with the same motor polarity (setInverted(false)). No problems, commanding the master also moved the slave, in the same direction.

I wanted to try a ‘mirror’ config, where the slave was still in Follower mode, but with an inverted motor polarity. This did not work, in fact the behavior was the same - following the master in the same direction.

My question is, does setInverted() work with Follower mode? I seem to recall there was a problem last year where it only worked with PercentOutput mode. Is this still the case?


We found that you have to set the same state of inversion for all motors. Follower or not.

May not affect your issue, but latest firmware is 3.3

We were able to have the follower run mirrored using Labview, with the 3.3 firmware upgrade.

3.1 update, sorry.