Ctrl-f in discourse


Has anyone tried to use ctrl-f in discourse? It opens a search thread dialogue instead of the browsers find in page dialogue (at least in chrome).

The search seems to run well, especially because it searches posts that have not loaded on the page. On the other hand I have not liked this so far because it does not highlight the text in the page.

What experience have other people had?


I’m not getting that problem, I’m also on chrome and my ctrl+F always opens the browser search.

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Overall I would think the functionality is an upgrade for most standard users.

However I tend to think of ctrl-F like the back button when it comes to web design: don’t break it.

This is based around my own use case though. YMMV.

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Also brings up Discourse’s search for me, but after getting used to it its pretty easy to use, even without the highlighting.


I found that hitting ctrl-f twice seems to work to open Find.

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Now i cant get it back to discourse, smh

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I noticed this as well. I would like to have standard control F functionality like on most web sites.


Ctrl+G or F3 usually brings up the find bar as well if it’s not already open (it’s the next match shortcut).


Reading through the discourse forums, it looks like it does this on long threads (20+ posts) only. This is because on long threads the entire thread isn’t loaded, so ctrl-f would only search the visible subset while the discourse search will search the entire thread.