Cube Capabilities

What does the community think about the range of cubes per match we will see teams robots be capable of? It’s going to very interesting to see how the volume of cubes moved doesn’t always have to be that high, other then when you are filling the vault.

In the more competitive matches I’m fairly certain all of the floor cubes around each team’s switch will be cleaned out in about a minute or less.

What do you think?

For our team: 11-15 cubes. This is based on internally documented, empirical evidence.
For the overall average: 1-5 cubes. This is based on pure guesswork.
edit: I assume you meant move cubes into a scored position.

If we select the wrong auto mode, we are capable of moving 10 cubes (no, 11!) within the first second of the match.

The time it takes to score a cube is 300% context dependent. If the cycles you’re considering is grabbing a cube from the cube zone and putting it into the nearby switch or the exchange, I think many above average robots will be able to do >5*. It’ll take a team that’s well above average to do >5 cubes with longer cycles or >10 with short cycles. With short cycles and scale scoring, elevator/arm speed becomes a major factor.

No matter the context, the average will still be within 1-5.

*Took our average on the practice field, then applied a standard 50% to 67% deration factor

I definitely meant moving cubes into scoring position. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe that good, solid, within-the-rules, defense will keep the number of cubes very low, as there are too many chokepoints in this game.

Prediction 1-5 cubes where great scorers will only score 5 cubes under heavy defense, and good scorers will score some in auto/1st few seconds of the match.

Our robot is pretty different from most of the bots we’ve seen, but our team will handle 10+ cubes a match. The logic there is 2 in auto (video coming soon) and all 9 in the exchange. Barring some weird alliance pairing, I think we’ll do that every single match and probably dump a few more in a switch.

What is the definintion of moving cubes in this case? Portal to Scale/Switch/Exchange? Or Exchange to Scale/Switch? Or in-field to Scale/Switch/Exchange?

I think it’s going to be highly dependant on which of those you’re targeting. The everybot can do probably 25+ cubes in a match from exchange to scale, or portal to opposing scale. (Off cycle times, ignoring actual cube count)

Week 1 will really show what cycling will look like.

I love the “Opening Day Optimism” of teams before the competitions start.


Take the number of cubes a team says they will be able to score, divide by two. These numbers are closer for weeks 1-3. Just sayin’.

I’ll be more excited to hear teams mention to me how many they can move on week 2 before they’ve played in a match.

If robot movement occurs on week 2, where does that leave week 1 events? :ahh:

148’s offseason robot Bolt maxed out at 14 gears last year iirc. That was with stealing some nearby gears and being fed gears at the airship. Keep that in mind when thinking through how many cubes a team, or your team, will be able to score in a match. Then remember that there are 60 cubes in this game, so doing more then 10, which a staggering amount of people in here have said they will, will mean you’re controlling more then 1/6th of the available objects.

I think some teams have still not learned how to do timing studies and estimate how many cubes will be scored by an average team, or what their design will be able to do. but this has been the case forever, so nothing surprising here.

Can you repeat that mode several times??? :rolleyes: