Cube Manipulation

How do you plan to manipulate cubes with your robot? Are you using an elevator or a launcher to place cubes on the scales and switch?

We are placing the cubes, ever so gently, in the scale and switch using a manipulator that goes up and down an elevator.


Ditto squared

Both my teams elevator with intake going up, reverse wheels, done. 686 & 4638. Mentor Mac

My team is actually opening a portal behind our intake that teleports the cube onto the switch. No elevator required.

Careful, a reasonably astute Ref may deem that to be “Launching a cube through space-time” ::rtm:: . So long as the robot is within the appropriate zone it should be fine.

Are you really launching it though? It be more like dropping it through the portal into space-time and the re-entrance from space-time puts the cube into the correct orientation onto the scale. So your really not launching the cube so this could be done from anywhere on the field.

What if you are launching the field to the cube? :ahh:

No, we are using a short arm to put them on the switch, and a longer arm to put them on the scale.

The odd thing is, we don’t have any wood parts on the mechanisms.

2014 style motor driven catapult

We were planning on gas-lighting the cubes but the initial batch of cubes have not been too receptive, I’ll make sure to hit this thread back up if we make any progress.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Slight mods to the dimensions since then, but the same concept. Intake rollers not pictured.


Seems we are on the same.track

That system will require a immense amount of torque and control. My team has decided to use a 3 stage elevator; 2 cable driven and 1 pneumatic lift for the final height

That’s why the intakes aren’t on the arm, just a pneumatic gripper. We are counter-springing so that with the motor off, the arm will tend to go up when empty and down when holding a cube.

My team is using a method to ‘freeze’ a small region of spacetime, which then uses the rotation of the Earth to move the scale to the position of the cube, where it will then unfreeze itself.

We have a double elevator with an intake. Presumably, we’ll have a hook for grabbing the climbing bar on the other side of the top elevator. I’ll get pics later today.

Wow that looks really nice. I love robots with two “front” sides