Cube measuring tool dimensions

We’re looking to produce a cube measuring tool and the field tour videos mentioned a CAD would be available at Playing Field | FIRST… but it’s not. Does anybody know where we can find it?


On the firstinspires website in the drawing package then in FieldDrawings-CHARGEDUP at the very bottom. Labeled “CUBE MEASUREMENT JIG”

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Just an FYI that it’s both in line with FIRST policy and best practice to share a link to the resource rather than download and rehost it here on Chief. That way, if FIRST makes changes, there aren’t lots of outdated copies floating around.

From the game and season page:

Please do not re-host or redistribute content posted by FIRST. All are welcome to post links to our content as long as the content itself remains on FIRST servers.

Linking to the zip containing the file you uploaded would be best.


I made an Onshape part if anyone wants it. It’s based on the provided engineering drawing, but with holes for #10 hardware which we standardize on at 8033. It’s also laid out for laser cutting including kerf compensation for our laser. If you use it, be aware you can tweak that in the feature tree.


From AndyMark: FRC 2023 - AndyMark, Inc

The total weight of the jig is important in determining the minimum bound.

I don’t suppose that weight is listed anywhere, right?

I don’t know if it’s written anywhere, but in the field tour video it says the weight is 20 oz

at 1:25

It’s written on the official drawing. 20 oz.

Or, for our metric friends, ~567 g.

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Thank you!!!

This is awesome, thanks! Is the material hdpe?

I believe the sheet specs it as hdpe, yep!

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