Cubify App

We have a problem installing the Cubify App(for ekocycle 3d printer) on all of our computers in our shop.
After installing the app is openning a window that says we need to have OPEN GL from version 3 or higher.
I couldn’t find what is open gl or where I can download it.
All of our drivers are up to date.
Our computers specs:
Intel i5 proccessor
Intel HD graphics (built in)



OpenGL is normally installed as part of the graphics drivers. It is used for rendering 2d & 3d graphics.

You can try to download a newer version of your graphics drivers.

It would help to know more about your system. Like brand and model. If it is a custom build system, then the MLB brand and revision.

Also what OS are you running and in what language…

A little more information and a resolution might present itself.

Here is the link to OpenGL and you can download the newer version.


I am Having the same issue on my dell Latitude e6510 laptop with a core i7 vPro. The graphics are integrated, and i can’t figure out if there is even a way to truly install a newer version of OpenGl. My graphics drivers are up to date as high as they can go. I don’t know what to do to go from here. I have windows 10 by the way.

A few searches find around the web can reveal many useful things.

First thing you need to know is you systems specs, especially the graphics card.
Your first searches should get you here fairly quickly.

Then you read to learn what the integrated graphics card is.

Second useful web search using the information learned from above.

More fun reading ahead to learn if the graphics chip can support Open GL in the first place.

I will let you continue from here.

Might try some light reading on win 10 and open GL and your graphics card….

Eventually you might end up here…](

sorry feeling a bit saucy…