Cubs curse ending? Steve Bartman ball to be destroyed tonight! 2/26

Tonight on MSNBC at 8pm, the infamous Steve Bartman ball (that might have possibly cost the Cubs their first trip to the World Series since 1945) will be destroyed. I’ll be watching.

I was at that game and I saw Steve Bartman get taken out behind Wrigley…surrounded by around 9 Chicago PD with a blanket over him…

I still feel sorry for the guy - no one deserves the hatred of an entire city…

And Yahoo! said that ESPN would be showing the broadcast at 8:30. Oh well…I’m sure I’ll see the replay if I miss it live. :slight_smile:

The ball is no more! They basically blew it up, a technical description and video will be posted later

DOH! i missed it… was out shopping UGH!!! oh well… yay 4 tivo =D

Steve Bartman is the ONLY man that deserves the hatred of a whole city plus some.

To tell you the truth i’m suprised the man is still alive. :ahh:

Now hopefully the curse is gone!


The ball is gone, but the goat lives!!!

It wouldn’t be a good idea to kill the goat though, but someone needs to figure out a way to sneak that thing in or something! Maybe a group of us FIRST - Cub Fans can build a humanoid suit for the goat :slight_smile: That way we can sneak him into Wrigley when the Cubs are in Game 6 at home next year.

EDIT: Video Here.

Glad that’s done with.

So, how 'bout them Red Sox?

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Red Sox.jpg